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Independent Platform for Contemporary Puerto Rican Art
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Unresolved Status

Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the USA (in Spanish: Estado Libre Associado - ELA).

According to the UN Special Commission on Decolonialization the caribbean island is one of this world's last colonies.

Independence, modernized ELA or 51st State: Who will decide Puerto Ricos future and what will it be?

Learn more about the status discussion (and its impact on Puerto Rican art and people)...

Lisa Ladner's diploma thesis

"El Status - Contemporary Puerto Rican art in times of political and cultural identity discussions and the unresolved status problem"

(Original title: "El Status - Die zeitgenössische puertoricanische Kunst im Spannungsfeld politischer und kultureller Identitäts- und Zukunftsdiskussionen")

Cover & Index:
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Introduction, Parts I to III, Credits:
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Appendix: Short Biographies, Works & Sources:
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About the author:
In 2006 Lisa Ladner (formerly known as Lisa Jans-Ladner) completed her Master of Advanced Studies in Cultural & Gender Studies