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Since 2007 and for almost ten years, El Status Studio had been offering a work and living space for artists, curators and other culturally interested people. It was provided by El Status founder Lisa Ladner and was located at Muñoz Rivera Avenue # 302 in Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Studio can now be rented via Airbnb and is conveniently located: close to cultural and touristic attractions such as Old San Juan and its Escuela de Artes Plasticas, the MAPR and the MAC, contemporary art galleries, the Escambron Beach etc.

Some of the artists who stayed here or used part of the infrastructure are Miguel Luciano, Adal Maldonado, Mario Marzan, Izel Vargas and Norma Vila Rivero.

The Crescent Beach Condo was built in 1934 and is also home to the artists Carmelo Sobrino (www.carmelosobrino.com), and formerly also to Papo Colo (www.papocolo.com).

For more about art in and from Puerto Rico please visit www.el-status.com - Independent Platform for Contemporary Puerto Rican Art.


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